Psychiatric Practice in Boston, Ma

I received my M.D. from Harvard Medical School and completed my psychiatry residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital, where I served as chief resident in 2001. I’ve been a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) throughout my years of post-residency practice.

I am passionate about helping people with major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, borderline personality, attention deficit disorder in adults and children, substance abuse, eating disorders, and other mental health conditions.

My experience and expertise include helping patients determine the optimal treatment or combination of treatments. We have so many medications and talk therapies available today, which makes it challenging for patients and families to determine where to start.

My approach is to begin with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and outline treatment options in detail. Along with my patient, we construct a sound treatment plan that is grounded in evidence-based medicine and provides a path toward recovery. Many patients continue to work with me on a long-term basis, while in other cases I point people in the right direction toward other clinicians or programs that can meet their ongoing treatment needs. Part of my practice also involves consulting with other doctors or therapists on their most complex cases.

My clients come from the Boston area, other parts of the United States, and around the world. I see patients in person and via Zoom as needed.

My practice is laser-focused on ensuring that patients receive expert diagnostic and treatment services in a setting that ensures privacy, dignity, and discretion.

Executive Coach

Separate from my work as a clinical psychiatrist, another dimension of my professional work is executive coaching. In this role, I help professionals and business leaders to manage stress, avoid burnout, communicate effectively, and develop interpersonal skills that can help them advance their careers and become great leaders. My colleague Ryan Stelzer and I also deliver keynote addresses and workshops on best practices in executive coaching and organizational leadership.


I am the author of dozens of peer-reviewed papers in distinguished medical journals and for many years I served as deputy editor for the Harvard Review of Psychiatry. My first book, Healing Psychiatry: Bridging the Science/Humanism Divide, was published by MIT Press in 2006. My second book, co-authored with Ryan Stelzer, is entitled Think Talk Create: Building Workplaces Fit for Humans. It was published by Hachette/Public Affairs in 2021.


  • B.A., Yale University, Summa cum laude
  • M.D., Harvard Medical School
  • Ph.D. in philosophy, University of Chicago


  • Internship in Medicine, University of Chicago Hospitals
  • Residency in Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital (affiliated with Harvard Medical School)
  • Chief Resident in Psychiatry, McLean Hospital
  • Faculty Fellow, Harvard University Center for Ethics and Professions


  • Author of Healing Psychiatry: Bridging the Science/Humanism Divide (MIT Press)
  • Author of Think Talk Create: Building Workplaces Fit for Humans (Public Affairs)
  • Associate Medical Director of the Pavilion at McLean Hospital (2002-2010)
  • Chairman, Institutional Review Board (IRB) at McLean Hospital (2002-2010)
  • Founder & Director of Leading Minds Executive Coaching
  • Co-founder of Strategy of Mind