One of the greatest sources of anxiety, fear, and low self-worth is distressed finances. But with the help of an experienced executive coach and psychiatrist, you can turn things around.

Dr. Brendel’s Experience with Financial Stress Treatment

A lack of adequate funds can cause serious mental health challenges, and those challenges can create daunting barriers to earning and achieving financial stability. In worst-case scenarios, people may experience burnout, major depression, and even suicidal thinking. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be broken with professional support and proactive, sustained effort.

When financial problems are addressed successfully, people pay off debts, save and invest wisely, and — most importantly — flourish in all aspects of their lives. In my practice, I take a holistic approach to emotional and financial wellness.

My patients and I discuss their vision for the future, establish a clear strategy to reach it, and implement a specific action plan to reach the goal of mental, relational, and financial flourishing.

With over two decades of experience as a psychiatrist and executive coach, I have seen people achieve incredible growth in their careers and financial well-being as a direct result of their commitment to major mindset and behavior changes. Some of my clients have moved from the horror of extreme debt (whether from student loans or overspending on credit cards) to high net-worth status. They have completed degree programs, launched successful businesses, achieved impressive promotions, and taken control of their investments in real estate, stocks, and a variety of other assets.

By asking my clients powerful open-ended questions designed to help them think deeply from multiple perspectives, I facilitate a developmental process toward greater self-awareness and sound decision-making. When possible I offer specific guidance or suggestions from the standpoint of my background in psychiatry and coaching. I often suggest “homework” between sessions along with relevant reading materials on both the psychology of money and practical steps to reach financial freedom. When necessary I suggest that people consult with experts such as a certified financial adviser (CFA) or certified public accountant (CPA). I am always thoughtful and transparent about the scope of my own practice and when other expertise is warranted.

Money can be either a source of profound fear or a lever of inspiration, activity, and growth. I view people’s money struggles through the lens of a psychiatrist and executive coach. This allows me to grasp how financial distress is often entangled with past traumatic experiences, current emotional states, relationship difficulties, and obstacles to career growth. As we elucidate the difficulties and craft an action plan with specific commitments and accountability, people’s lives change for the better. Then, success breeds even more success. If you’re interested in getting started on this journey with me as your psychiatrist or executive coach, feel free to contact me by email or call (617) 932-1548.